From Vows to Wows, the importance of giving thanks to your Wedding Venue

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, a celebration of love and commitment that you will remember for many years to come. Hopefully you’ve had the dream delivered, and it was in fact the happiest day of your life. 

We reckon that your wedding venue played a huge part in that.  We know from experience that there are many wonderful and dedicated individuals in venues all over the land going above and beyond for their couples.  The best way to thank them is by writing a heartfelt and detailed review for your chosen wedding venue.

Not only does it provide valuable feedback to the venue, but it also serves as a guide for  future couples seeking the perfect place to say “I do.” In this blog post, we will explore the importance of giving thanks to your wedding venue as a couple and guide you on how to create a review that captures the essence of your special day.

Happy couple with friends in a weddingThe Importance of giving thanks to your Wedding Venue

Expressing Gratitude:

Begin your review by expressing gratitude to the wedding venue and its staff for contributing to the success of your special day. Acknowledge the hard work, dedication, and attention to detail that went into making your wedding a memorable experience. Include the names of any staff members who went out of their way to make your day exceptional.  This means the world to the individual and puts them in a good light with their employer.
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Sharing Your Unique Experience:

Share specific details about how the venue accommodated your unique needs and contributed to the overall atmosphere of your celebration. Highlight any personalised touches or special arrangements that made the day extraordinary.

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Helping Future Couples:

Remember that your review will be read by engaged couples searching for their perfect wedding venue. Your insights can be invaluable in helping them make informed decisions. Be honest and detailed about what worked well and what exceeded your expectations. This information can guide others in selecting a venue that aligns with their vision for the perfect wedding.

Newly engaged couple

Writing Your Review as a Couple:

Divide and Conquer:

It’s possible that your venue may ask you to write slightly different reviews for different purposes. For example, they may ask for a review for their website but also for a site they are listed on.  Reflecting and writing about your wedding day in different ways can be overwhelming, especially when trying to capture all the details but in a different way. Divide the task with your partner, assigning each of you specific sites to cover. This ensures well-rounded reviews covering various elements of the venue, such as the ceremony space, reception area, catering, staff and any additional services, but from individual perspectives. This is just great for your venue and very positive for their results on search engines.
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Tell Your Story:

If possible infuse your review with your own unique love story. Discuss how the venue contributed to the narrative of your relationship and made your wedding day truly yours. Use descriptive language to paint a vivid picture of the emotions and atmosphere allowing future couples to envision their own special day.
Bride photoshoot in her wedding venue

Be Specific:

Specific details make your review more authentic and helpful. Mention particular features of the venue that stood out, whether it’s the breathtaking view or the elegant décor.
A beautifully decorated wedding venue

Highlight Challenges (if any) in a constructive way:

While it’s important to celebrate the positives, don’t shy away from mentioning any challenges you faced but only if you have already taken it up with the venue, and only if the issue was satisfactorily resolved. It’s very damaging to a venue to “spring” a negative review on them and unfair if you haven’t given them a chance to make good with you.  It’s also not fair to highlight one small thing as a negative when you take in all the moving parts that had to come together at the venue on the day. Whether it was a minor hiccup or a major issue, addressing it in your review and demonstrating how the venue resolved it can provide reassurance to other couples considering the venue. Focus on how any challenges were resolved and the measures taken by the venue to ensure your satisfaction.

Happy Married Couple

Also, remember you are reviewing the venue, and not other suppliers, such as your cake maker, the DJ or band or anyone external to your venue.


Share Photos:

A picture is worth a thousand words, and including photos in your review can enhance the overall experience for readers. If requested, choose a selection of images that showcase the venue’s beauty and capture the joy and love of your wedding day. This not only adds visual appeal to your review but also allows others to see the venue in action.
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Writing a review for your wedding venue is a meaningful way to commemorate your special day and assist future couples in their decision-making process. When you say thanks, and share your own experience, and details, you’re basically adding to this awesome guide for other engaged couples on their way to happily ever after. Just remember, your words can make memories stick and help others find the ultimate venue for their love story.

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