3 Wedding Questions to Ask Before Making a Decision

Wedding decisions are not particularly known for coming easy to couples. From your venue to brand of mascara, the pressure of a wedding can make any situation unbearable.

The most successful people usually happen to also be great decision makers who have strong opinions and don’t doubt themselves. And this is an approach that can help your wedding planning too. If you find yourself mulling over a decision, ask yourself these three wedding questions.

Does it Tie in With Our Theme?

Are you considering a vintage dress but have a very contemporary theme? Maybe you have fallen in love with some stunning centrepieces in the wrong colour. The whole point of having a theme (even a very broad one) is for your wedding look to tie together. But, it should also make your choices a little easier. Sometimes the best way to decide is to eliminate the unusable possibilities first. A lot of difficult decision-making comes with having too much choice, so removing some factors is the first step.

Is This in Our Decided Budget?

Yes, having a budget should allow for a little over expenditure from time-to-time but more than 10% is probably too much. Budgets are not the most fun aspect of your wedding but they are there to help establish what your priorities are when it comes to spending. If you want to have a great wedding band but don’t mind what type of cake you have for example. This is quite easy to grasp at the start but pretty cake photos on Pinterest can very quickly have you reconsidering your spend. The trick is to stick to your guns and shop around for a deal in your price range.

Will This Matter on Our 10th Anniversary?

Do you think you’ll be reminiscing with your partner on your anniversary about the decision? Do you think it’s something your guests will notice on the day? If not, this might be a reason to reconsider. We’re not saying you shouldn’t put effort into little extra touches and fun pieces but if it’s an issue of time running out, it’s important to focus on your priorities.

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