5 Yummy Food Trends For Your 2019/2020 Wedding

What’s on the menu?

Food plays a major role in any celebration, and an even bigger element when it comes to your wedding day. From canapes all the way to the slice of cake, there’s plenty to think about.

There’s certainly no need (or excuse really) to be boring with your selection, as there are almost no rules when it comes to how creative you can be with your wedding menu. No need to settle for those old tired hor devours that you’ve picked at during every cocktail hour you’re ever been to. It’s time to think outside of the box and opt for what makes you happy…Your guests will thank you!  As you’re mulling over these tasty decisions, take a look at these 5 yummy food trends that are making waves at weddings this year.

Grazing tables

Get your guests talking by offering an oversized grazing table! This is a great opportunity to get your guests socializing during a cocktail hour and centralized the mingling to a specific area before the other post-ceremony events. Plus, who could say no to an assortment of cheeses, breads, meats and other yummy produce laid out in an appetizing display?! We vote YES to this food trend!

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Food Trucks

We already know personalisation is a massive trend for weddings in general! Take the festivities to the next level by adding your favourite treats via food truck. This could be the perfect option for guests to grab late-night pizza slices or post-dinner doughnuts!

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Dessert Tables

This trend isn’t exactly new, but it’s been popular for weddings this year. Why settle for one dessert when you can have them all?! We don’t think anyone will object to a table full of sweet treats. ?

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Late Night Snacks

Providing a late-night munch for guests is another opportunity to get creative with your food offering. Tie in your favourite treats and feel free to get back to basics! Tayto sandwiches anyone?

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Edible Favours

Edible favours are the perfect way to say thanks to guest without sending them home with something they will never use. Tie in your favourite treats as a couple or choose something unique to the location you’re choosing to tie the knot. the possibilities are endless!

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