Amazing Bridesmaid Gift Inspiration!

Amazing Bridesmaid Gift Inspiration!

Karen here……………it’s been ages since I wrote a blog and I have a longing to do so, so here goes!

I had a little whinge at lunch time……my iphone cover literally fell apart in front of my eyes (I swear I am not dramatic!). So of course me being the impatient drama queen that I am (I admit it!) I went straight to ebay to purchase a nice purple phone cover. I smugly showed Aileen in the office my purchase and she announces “Check out Etsy for beautiful phone covers!”

Of late people have said that Aileen and I are like an old married couple! We started working together in April and we can read each other’s minds! I swear! The discussions we have ……. Well…. I’ll spare you. Anyway…… once Aileen insisted I look at Etsy I knew she knew that I would like what I see. Beautimos phone covers!!!

There is a huge selection of the prettiest phone covers you ever did see. You know how we are always looking for the cutest quirkiest gift for somebody…. Well why not a phone cover from the selection on Etsy? I know a few ladies who would love these and they would make great bridesmaid gifts. These are not any old phone covers; they have so many to choose from. I came across wooden cases, pastel polka dots, Marliyn Monroe, New York City skyline, vintage bali print and even a Nutella phone cover! Bling, lace, ribbons, sparkles, fur, elephants, Chanel, frogs and feathers……. It’s all there!

Image via Etsy

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