Put a Ring on It: 5 Tips For Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

Choose an engagement ring you’ll love for life with these top tips from Valentina Fine Diamonds.


#1 Determing Your Budget

While it’s important to find a ring you love, it’s also critical that you don’t overspend. Remember that getting married is about setting yourself up for the future, so it’s not a wise idea to splurge all your savings on an engagement ring. These days it’s very possible to find a stunning ring without having to spend two to three month’s wages and you should never feel obliged to do that if it makes you feel uneasy.


#2 Select A Metal


€ € € € Platinum

This rare metal is an expensive but very popular choice for engagement rings. One major advantage is that due to its hypoallergenic qualities, a platinum ring is much less likely to fade over time.


€ € € Gold

By far the most popular metal for today’s brides, Gold offers timeless style and endless durability. For luxury, go for a 24 carat gold ring which is 99.9% pure gold. Alternatively, why not opt for 18 carat gold which is 75% pure gold or 14 carat gold is 58% pure gold.


€ € Palladium

Equally white as Platinum but far more budget-friendly, palladium rings are an excellent option for those who don’t particularly enjoy wearing jewellery or find it uncomfortable.


€ Silver

Another highly popular choice, Silver is a far more affordable option than platinum or gold. Sterling silver bands are the most popular and they are 92.5% pure silver.


#3 Understand The Four C’s of Diamonds

Before selecting a stone, make sure you making the right choice by getting to know the 4 C’s of Diamond Quality – that is Carat, Colour, Clarity and Cut.

  • Carat refers to the weight of the diamond.
  • When it comes to Colour, the rule of thumb is that the more colourless a diamond is the bigger the price tag.
  • Clarity is determined by the amount of flaws in the diamond when viewed under magnification.
  • Often regarded as the most important C, the Cut of a diamond It will depend on how the cutter decides to shape, polish and facet the diamond.


#4 Choose Your Diamond Shape

The next key engagement ring element you need to consider is the diamond shape. Some popular options include:


  1. Round: The classic engagement ring, stone shape out 50% of brides choose round cut diamonds.


  1. Princess: This square shape is emerging as one of the most popular option for engagement rings.


  1. Oval: This shape is ideal for those who wish to elongate the appearance of the hand and fingers.


#5 Choose Your Setting


Having selected a stone shape, your next decision will be the stone setting. There are a variety of setting techniques used to secure and set diamonds, so there is an abundance of styles to choose from. Some of our favourites include:


  1. Prong: The most common choice for diamond engagement rings, this setting is rises up like a claw to up to grasp the diamond.


  1. Bezel: If you lead a very active lifestyle and are concerned about the security of your ring, a Bezel setting is an ideal choice as it need much protection.


  1. Halo: This setting has become increasingly popular over the years as a result of its celebrity fans (Natalie Portman, Giuliana Rancic and Pippa Middleton to name a few). Halo engagement rings elegantly combine combination of the security of the prong and the beauty of multiple diamonds.


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