Choosing Wedding Colours and Themes: 3 Useful Sources


Your mother in-law wants one colour. You want something else. Your groom has his say and then your mother gives her two cents too. How about consulting a few sources as a starting point:

1. Pinterest
This is a virtual pinboard where people pin up all their favourite things. The various pinboards might not be related to weddings but just strolling through the categories and various boards will get you thinking about themes and colours.

2. Flickr
Flickr has thousands of groups that will get your creativity flowing. Use the link above as a starting point and dig deeper from there. You will be amazed at what you find along the way.

3. Compfight
Compfight is a Creative Commons search tool but you can use it in a unique way for your wedding. By typing in a colour you can bring up multiple search results with images that have been tagged with that colour. The images will not only provide decor inspiration but they will give you a good idea of complimentary colours and also hues that clash.

Happy colour hopping… you might just lose yourself in the colour spectrum!

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