December 2020 Roundup of Wedding News from Ireland and Elsewhere

A Roundup of Wedding News and articles (updated 18th December 2020)

Wedding News from Ireland

From the Frontline to a Walk down the aisle

First same sex religious wedding takes place in Northern Ireland

Call for Government to review ban on live music at weddings

Pandemic Postponements

So what’s it like to attend a level 5 lockdown wedding?

From Supermarket aisle to Wedding aisle

35 Irish Jewellers for your Christmas Shopping (hint, hint!)

Wedding News from elsewhere

How 2020 changed the way we budget and plan for Weddings

Planning a 2021 Wedding – here are 4 questions you should ask

What does the COVID-19 Vaccine mean for your Wedding?

Unique things at Weddings from TikTok

Celebrity Weddings of 2020 – Who said “I do”

What will weddings look like in 2021?

2020 Jewellery Engagement study reveals COVID-19 impacted nearly half of proposals in 2020

From the US: How much does the average honeymoon cost?

UK Government guidance on ceremonies from December 2nd

Megan has her 2 granny’s as bridesmaids

Bride with COVID-19 gets married in quarantine

38 beautiful Wedding photos from 2020

Couple uses food from cancelled wedding to feed 200 people on Thanksgiving

Fairytale Wedding at Disneyland

Wedding Restrictions for New South Wales to be lifted from Monday

Mystery Wedding Couple captured by photographer at Edinburgh Castle

Wedding Ring lost on Dorset Beach found 5 years later

British PM says weddings will go ahead in summer 2021

Promise of vaccine leads to more promises in  the form of a wedding surge


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