5 Steps To Help You Manage Difficult Bridesmaids

There’s something about a wedding that brings out people’s true colours – and there’s always one problem bridesmaid. You have invited a few of the main ladies in your life to take part in your special day by including them in your bridal party. Sometimes, this may not be by choice. Keeping the peace and managing family politics is unavoidable at the best of times, especially when it comes to these occasions. Here are 5 steps you need to take when it comes to smacking down difficult bridesmaids.

Difficult Bridesmaids

Don’t Have High Expectations

High maintenance cousin or the dreaded drama queen of your group? If you have a sneaky suspicion she will be a nuisance, then simply don’t have any expectations. As the saying goes: no expectations, no disappointments. Don’t delegate important tasks or expect her to organise your bridal shower. You are just asking for trouble and things will be stressful enough without the added complications. Give her minor tasks to ensure she feels involved and keep your own mind sane.

Communication Is Key

It’s all about balance. You don’t want to go into bridal overload and annoy your gals daily with wedding information, at the same time good communication is essential. Allow plenty of time by updating them with information well in advance. If anyone has grievances, these can be addressed early on and everyone can compromise on details. This is especially important when it comes to expenses. Landing a last-minute girls trip to Marbella on them or some extra beauty costs on the day is the worst thing you can do.

Nip It In The Bud

If she’s a whinger and complaining about minor details such as the dresses or hen party location, it’s best to nip things in the bud early. That goes for the difficult bridesmaid who makes snide remarks about every detail too! Make it known that this is your day and when her time comes, you will repay the favour gladly. Keep it light but at the same time don’t bow down to her antics. If she gets away with things once, you’re screwed for the whole planning process.

Have A Frank Conversation

When things don’t improve, it’s time to recruit the squad. Gather your other bridesmaids and ask for advice on how to approach the situation. Sit down over a coffee and ask her if everything is okay. Mention the bad vibe and how her actions have hurt your feelings – do this alone rather than in a group so it does not feel like a personal attack. Ask if you’ve done anything to offend her or can you change anything to help her feel more comfortable. Tell her how important your friendship is and how this is meant to be a happy time in both your lives. Hug it out!!

Cut Her

Yes, we did mention those words and no, we are certainly not being melodramatic. If all else fails, what other choice do you have than asking her to relinquish her title. Be prepared, you will more than likely loose her as a girlfriend forever. But if it comes to this stage and her antics are inexcusable, she’s not really much of a pal in our eyes anyway. Where’s the scissors? Snip, snippety, snip.

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