DIY: 3 Edgy Hair Styles For The Party Season

Not sure where to start when it comes to styling your hair for that winter wedding? To celebrate 10 years of innovation this month, TONI&GUY Malahide have shared their top three DIY hair styles to take you through the festive season. These simple instructions are guaranteed to get you out of some sticky situations…

DIY Hair Styles

The Faux Fringe

Suitable for shoulder/mid-length hair and is perfect for more formal occasions this party season. This classic look with a twist can be achieved following these simple steps:

  • The hair is prepped using Label M Volume Mousse. The hair at the front is then braided two inches back using a French braid technique and is pinned flat to the head.
  • With the remainder of the hair, starting at the nape of the neck, we begin to create our rope braid. This is achieved by parting the hair into two sections from the center parting, each section is twisted clockwise then back anti-clockwise. This method is repeated adding pieces of hair from both sides moving up the head.
  • When you have reached the crown, pin the section flat to secure the hair.
  • The rest of the hair left from the braid is combed forward over the forehead, creating the faux fringe.
  • A hairband is then placed over the top of the head and secured at the nape to finish the look.
  • Then use Label M shine spray and hairspray to complete look.
Bardot Beehive

Bardot Beehive

A gorgeous play on this retro look, giving a fun and flirty feel for your festive nights out. This easy to achieve look can be created by following these steps:

  • Hair is prepped using Label M Volume Mousse. Hair is divided into 2 sections around the hairline. The back section is backcombed and brushed into a secure low ponytail.
  • The hair in the front sections at hairline is backcombed using Label M Backcombing brush. The side sections are brushed back and wrapped around the bobbin and clipped and pinned into place.
  • The front section of the hair is molded into shape using Label M hairspray.

Pretty in Punk

This look is girly with an edge. Really dazzle with this gorgeous look, which can be achieved in six simple steps:

  • Hair is prepped using Label M Volume mousse and Label M sea salt blow-dried into the hair. This is to create volume and texture.
  • A C curve section is isolated from the temple to the nape of the neck, this section will be your two braids. Any type of braids can be used for this look.
  • To achieve this look divide the hair into two sections, twist clockwise and fold over anti-clockwise, continuing this method down the head.
  • When your braids are completed hair is curled using Label M styling wand.
  • The hair is then shaken out and dressed using Label M Texturizing Volume spray.
  • To set off this look we added in some TONI&GUY hair accessories, available on TONI&

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