What to Expect for Weddings in Ireland post COVID

The Irish government has updated guidelines for hotels and venues on how to manage weddings as restrictions ease and they give us a clear breakdown of how weddings will go, certainly for the remainder of 2020 and possibly even into 2021.

Key Dates (Ireland)

From June 29

Limited to 50 people indoors and 200 people outdoors

From July 20

Up to 100 people indoors and 500 people outdoors will be allowed to gather

The following has been taken from UPDATED GUIDELINES FOR RE-OPENING Hotels and Guesthouses released 24th June 2020. 

On Arrival 

■ To avoid making direct contact with doors, guests should enter the property through doors that are automated or manually operated by an employee where possible. 

■ Hand sanitisers (touchless whenever possible), will be placed at all entry points. These must have a minimum alcohol content of 60%.

Prominent signage must explain current physical distancing practices. This must be accompanied by clear and visible markings that illustrate the safe distancing protocol.

Drinks Reception 

■ A private room should be used, if available. 

■ Service stations must use physical distancing queuing systems. 

■ Tea/coffee/drinks and canapé stations must be managed by service personnel. There must be no self-service stations. Canapés must be in individual portions. 

■ Remove as much loose furniture (e.g. sofas, etc.) from the room to ensure maximum space for physical distancing. 

Dinner Reception 

■ Entrance doors should be opened whilst guests are entering the dining area. 

■ Review the seating capacities to meet the current physical distancing guidance. There must be adequate spacing customers at each table in accordance with Government physical distancing guidelines.

■ Table and guest spacing must adhere to Government’s Public Health advice. 

■ Hand sanitiser must be made available at the entrance to the dining room. These must have a minimum alcohol percentage of 60%. Signage must encourage all guests to use this when they enter and leave.

■ Management must ensure signage is in place to welcome guests and reassure them that employees have been trained in line with the Government’s Public Health advice. 

■ There must be no shared items at the table. Instead: – Water jugs must be poured by service personnel only. – Salt and pepper shakers, butter dishes should be available only on request. – Instead each guest should be given individual portions/ sachets. 

■ For the meal service: – There must be no family-style service of food (i.e. no shared vegetable/gravy dishes, etc.). – Wedding afters must be served directly to each guest fully plated. 

■ Ensuring distancing on the dance floors: – Signage on tables and dance floors must ask guests to respect physical distancing guidelines. – Employees must monitor and manage distancing. 

Also to Remember 

■ All third-party suppliers must ensure they adhere to the Government’s Public Health advice. 

■ Clear signage must be in place to request physical distancing. 

■ The maximum number of people attending a function (including service personnel) must be in line with the Government’s Public Health advice.

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