Infographic: 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings

Here at Cater Hire we decided to have a little fun and have created this Infographic for you and your friends to share. As we specialise in wedding hire services we decided to centre our infographic on some of the world’s most expensive weddings. We chose our own top 20 but if you feel we’ve left any of particular out please feel free to comment below and let us know!

20 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings Infographic

We have included several big name celebrities, some of which you may be familiar with and others that a little more obscure. Couples included famous names such as Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones & Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes, Wayne Rooney & Coleen McLoughlin and of course, one of the most widely publicised weddings of the last century, Prince William & Kate Middleton.

The cost of each celebrity wedding varied between €1 million and €60 million. These extravagant wedding’s included feature’s such as invitations mailed in silver boxes, private jets, chartered flights, private islands in Barbados, air conditioned tents,  lavish wedding cakes, 5 star hotel rooms and in some cases, a global TV audience.

Guests included names such as Oprah, Prince, Bruce Willis, Michael Jackson, Sean Connery, Michael Caine and of course for the Royal weddings of both Prince William and Prince Charles, countless royals and nobles were also present.

Each wedding also had a special private venue including locations such as Windsor’s Guildhall, Ashford Castle, the Plaza Hotel New York, Odescalchi Castle, Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch, Genoa, Barbados, and Paris.

Last but not least, each bride made sure they were the only ones who stood out and they did so in style. Custom dresses included names such as Vera Wang, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix and Valentino. These dresses were extremely lavish such as that of Melania Knauss which was made from 300 feet of satin and beaded with 1,500 crystals.

As you can see from our Infographic, each celebrity wedding was as lavish and extravagant as the next. If you liked our Infographic please feel free to like and share it with all of your friends. We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed creating it. 

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