Father of the Bride: Bridal Party Responsibilities

A daughter’s wedding day is a milestone in every father’s life, whether it is his first daughter or one of many. The father of the bride traditionally walks the bride down the aisle but this is not his only responsibility. The father of the bride helps with financing the wedding, says the first speech at the wedding reception and shares a father-daughter dance with his ‘little girl’.

The moment a father takes his place and begins to walk his daughter down the aisle is his shining moment. The father gives her away to the groom, often placing his daughters hands in the hands of the groom. This gesture symbolises his approval of the new man in his daughter’s life. If a bride’s father has passed away or is not in the bride’s life she may choose someone that has been a fatherly figure in her life, perhaps a step-father, an uncle or best friend. The father of the bride also travels to the wedding ceremony with his daughter.

Traditionally it was the father of the bride who financed most of the wedding expenses. Nowadays, the couple tend to finance the expenses with help from both sides of the family. Some parents like to give a specific amount that they can afford towards the wedding, while others prefer to supply specific items.

The father of the bride is normally the first to say his speech and offer a toast to the newly married couple. He usually speaks about his daughter’s childhood, how proud he is of her and welcomes his new son-in-law into the family. This is often one of the most touching parts of the day for the bride as she lets go of her ‘childhood’ so to speak and enters married life.

The final important responsibility for the father at the wedding reception is the father-daughter dance. This takes place after the first dance of the bride and  groom. The father and daughter may choose a song which means something to them and their relationship.

Overall the most important responsibility of the father of the bride is to ensure that his daughter enjoys her wedding day in every way possible. That and making sure  mother dear isn’t falling over on the stage with a microphone in her hand come 1am!

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