For Brides, From A Groom: Advice You Have To Hear

I was speaking to a groom recently. It was three days after his return from honeymoon. He said that if he could do it again, he would give his bride, and every other bride out there, this advice:

1. Don’t take it so seriously.

Factor a few laughs in along the way. The details and all the miniscule arrangements can make things leading up to the big day very serious.

2. Negotiate every cost.

Wedding suppliers know that you are willing to pay the very best price to get just what you heart desires. In most other cases you would not be willing to spend so much money. Shop around, ask for discounts, haggle like a good Irish girl should.

3. Make time for yourself.

Every body will try and grab a piece of you leading up to the day. Be firm about your alone time. You need the breather to take the pressure off of yourself. Mr Groom admits that this is a protective request for himself. He usually ends up getting the brunt of the pressure building up inside of you. So do it for you, and for him.

{Image sourced via creative commons on flickr, courtesy of Dirk O’Neill}

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