Thinking of Popping the Question?

Tips for Popping the Question

Engagements are beautiful moments representative of new beginnings, refreshing love and hope. Are you planning a proposal to your partner? Or, are you patiently waiting for your other half to pop the big question?

Getting engaged is a big deal! It can be such an overwhelming blur of happiness and love. If you are planning a proposal, check out some of our favourite suggestions to make it extra special.


Many couples choose a location or theme relating back to where the couple first met, first kissed, or first exchanged the words ‘I love you’. These places will always hold a special place in your hearts, so why not make it even more special for you as a couple?

New Memories

In contrast to revisiting old memories, you can make a memory somewhere completely new just for the two of you. Going on an exotic holiday, or even just a particularly beautiful spot down the road will give a completely new meaning to the place. We have heard of a lot of couples who get proposed to in their new home together. This is such a beautiful way to make moving an extra special occasion.

At the end of the day…

Overall, planning a proposal can be a very stressful time for the proposer! Lots of people find it difficult to plan the perfect proposal. Did you see the guy who recorded his heart rate while proposing to his now fiancée. He really proved just how nerve wracking proposing can be. Thankfully, the nervous groom to be received a ‘yes’!  At the end of the day, some proposals might not go perfectly to plan, but that is not important. A lot of our brides have shared proposals where they were getting ready for bed, with no makeup and frumpy pyjamas. It doesn’t matter, once you are happy!

Let us know your engagement story in the comments below. We love hearing them!

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