The Hidden Costs of a Wedding

The Hidden Costs of a Wedding

Wedding budgets are definitely not the most exciting part of wedding planning for most, but needless to say, they are pretty vital to your day! Since a lot of people planning their wedding are first-timers, many couples will begin their journey totally unaware of the hidden costs of a wedding. Here are some things that can eat into your budget as well as a few little ways around it!

Wedding Invites

Almost every couple that gets to the stationery part of their wedding ends up in shock at how expensive it all is. But when you think about it, it makes sense. The gorgeous 300gsm card, bespoke or handwritten names, printing more than two colours… it all adds up! We LOVE gorgeous stationery here, and well-designed invites really set the tone for a wedding. But there’s no doubt that good wedding stationery is expensive. A lot of couples consider DIY too, only to discover that the supplies may be too costly and they simply do not have enough hours in the day! Our advice? Speak to your stationery company for the best quotes from their printers and always order more than what you think you need. People will lose invites, you may have extra last-minute guests and of course, you are going to want keepsakes too. Printing the bare minimum may seems cheaper but reprints are very costly.

Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake is often another part of the day that can burn a hole in your pocket. One of the most expensive aspects of the cake is actually the icing. Some couples decide to ice the cake themselves or another alternative is to have a ‘naked’ wedding cake (which is actually quite popular right now!). One further option is to have a display wedding cake before your reception meal. The venue staff can then take it away later on in the evening and serve their own cake.

Guests and Going Over Your Package

This is probably one of the biggest money spenders of a wedding. A lot of packages will cater to 100 guests on the day at a great price. While these packages are usually amazing (all-inclusive with fantastic deals), going over the guest limit will cost you. Of course, going over a package guest limit can be easily done, even in a small family. Be strict about your initial numbers and keep your maximum in mind at all times. Do you need to invite your old school friend that you haven’t seen in two years? Probably not! Remember, even if you were invited to their wedding, you should not feel the pressure to do the same. Also, keep in mind that family members may try to extend invites too, just remind them that this is your day, and you want to share it with who is important to you as a couple!

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