Just Be Yourself? Rather Not! Marriage Needs Change

Sometimes dating advice applies to marriage too. In this case it most certainly does.

I remember talking to a very wise woman before my wedding day. She said to me: ‘Claire, your marriage is a third person in your lives now. It is no longer just you and Calvin; and remember what they say about three… it’s a crowd. This means that this being needs to be managed everyday from here on.’ I don’t think I understood the fullness of what she was saying until a few years into my marriage and I have a sneaky suspicion that I will be mining the depths of this wisdom for years to come. The application of this ‘three’s a crowd’ wisdom is that I need to keep changing myself to keep up with the changes in the marriage. Sound counter-intuitive? Think again…

Over at Girl’s Chase, they say that you need to make yourself.

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