One For The Boys - Getting Your Wedding Look Down

One for the Boys - Getting Your Wedding Look Down

Boys… On your Wedding day all eyes will be on you and your partner…..No pressure! You have to get your wedding attire right; you will be on the mantelpiece of many homes for years after your big day.

Get your style and wedding look perfect with these tips:

Bulges, Creases and Stains

Make sure your suit fits perfectly. Are the trousers too tight? Is the collar size correct? Only carry around essentials to make sure you don’t ruin the line of your suit. And as far as stains go; one quick move could result in DISASTER! Watch out for tipsy aunties with glasses of red wine, gravy, wedding cake and babies that may drop something on you!


The general rule (according to the bible of Queer Eye) is that black shoes can be worn with black and grey suits. Brown shoes are good with grey and navy suits, but not black. You’ll more than likely have a fancy new pair of shoes for the day so just remember to break them in beforehand. And, just to be clear, absolutely under any circumstances is it acceptable to wear white socks.


Unfortunately, sweat patches are quite unsightly and maybe even a little embarrassing too. The secret is prevention. Try Sure For Men’s 48 Hour Anti- Perspirant.

Last Minute Check

Ask your Best Man to make sure you’re at Bond level sharpness on the day. Ask him to check up on you for any food on your face or in your teeth, un-tucked shirts or anything we’ve mentioned above. That’s what he is there for…..that and to deliver an amazing Best Man speech.

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