Wedding Anniversary: One Year after the Wedding

Congratulations, you are married a year! Your first year of marriage is a very special time. It is wonderful to come home from honeymoon and enjoy your friends and family’s wedding photos and hear about all the little things that happened on your wedding day. Maybe Uncle Billy did his Michael Jackson impression on the dance-floor and you missed it!

First Wedding Anniversary
Try to plan something special to do together, whether it is going for a romantic meal or a stroll on the beach; make time for yourselves and remember the special memories of your wedding day. Lots of venues offer first anniversary meals to their wedding couples and maybe even overnight accommodation so check it out!

First Wedding Anniversary Gift
Paper is the traditional gift for your first wedding anniversary. Paper is great as it could mean anything and doesn’t have to be expensive – it could be a book, tickets to a concert, a special photograph or even a love letter.

Thank-you cards
Lots of people leave it months before they send out thank you cards to their guests that sent gifts. If your first anniversary is only around the corner and you haven’t sent thank you cards – get onto it!
Try to write something personal about the gift (or the guest) on each card, no matter how brief; they will appreciate it.

Wedding Album and Photographs
This can be so difficult – choosing photos for your wedding album. Take your time with your selection – often couples want them all included and that is perfectly understandable! Selecting your wedding pictures will bring all the emotions of the day flooding back. Keep you budget in mind, ask the photographer’s opinion and maybe even a friend, parent or relative.

Wedding Memento Box
This is something I did when I got married and I go through it every so often. Get a little box to store little bits and pieces from your wedding. The things I have in mine include my husband’s speech, the ceremony booklet, the card from from husband on the bunch of flowers he sent on the morning of our wedding, an email from a friend telling me she had booked her flight and bought a new dress for our wedding, the receipt from my wedding dress, the first draft of the wedding invitation and a CD  from our ceremony musicians.

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