Rules For Being The Perfect Bridesmaid

Yay! You’ve been handed one of the sweetest honours from your friend, partner-in-crime, sister or soul mate (don’t tell the groom that!) – to be her bridesmaid. You’re of course honoured, brimming with ideas and excited to be celebrating with your lady and willing to talk all things weddings at a moment’s notice. Finding out you’re going to be a bridesmaid can be super exciting but there is an element of stress involved! Here are a few rules for the perfect bridesmaid.

Be Tactful

When it comes to helping with bridesmaid dresses and the wedding dress; be mindful of dress decisions and how they affect others. Try not to make any lady feel singled out and always be as diplomatic as possible.

Be Patient

Wedding planning can bring along a lot of stresses for your bride; so you need to be the calming shoulder to cry on. Be a voice of reason to her and help her in any way you can. Whether that’s planning, taking a task off her hands or just listening.

Be Inspirational

Show her the ways of Pinterest and send amazing finds when you see them online. Be her scout for wedding suppliers and deals.

Be a Great Party Planner

You know this lady best so you’ll understand the perfect kind of party she’ll love. Whether she’s a fun fancy dress night-on-the-tiles lady or the type would love nothing more than a spa weekend and catch-up chats; it’s up to you plan her last night of freedom.

Be Her Go-Between

Develop a relationship wither wedding venue. This way you can be seen as a trusted reliable source for the hotel and be a go-between between the bride and the venue.

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