How to Plan a Safe Honeymoon Trip During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a cloud of uncertainty hovering over the next few months, which happens to be a popular wedding time. The inability to gather in crowds has forced people to either conduct their wedding ceremonies virtually, significantly decrease the number of guests or postpone the event to a later unknown date. 

Subsequent honeymoon vacations have also been impacted, as the tourism and travel industries have taken a significant hit. Honeymoon planning is difficult enough as is, and the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the process even more. Fortunately, it is possible to plan a safe honeymoon trip right now.

Do Your Homework and Pay Attention 

It is always important to research extensively when planning a honeymoon, but this process is even more important because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many popular honeymoon destinations currently have travel guidelines and heightened health and safety regulations, as the virus is impacting areas across the world differently. 

Nonessential travel, especially internationally, has been greatly limited, meaning that you may not be able to visit your dream location. These could also seriously impact your desired itinerary, as certain activities may also be canceled. For example, certain museums and other popular tourist areas may not be open to the public, and you could not be able to attend a sporting event, concert, or other event with a large crowd. 

You can find this information by staying on top of current events and data while paying attention to infectious disease experts such as the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET) for COVID-19 and World Health Organization (WHO). Health and safety is the top priority during these unprecedented times, and the information presented by experts can help you plan a safe trip.

Open Communication 

Booking a honeymoon requires communication with several different businesses such as hotels, rental car agencies, airlines, and other activity-based businesses. Be sure to openly communicate with everybody involved in your planning process. Travel agents and agencies can be an excellent resource, as they will be much more knowledgeable and able to handle your requests while answering any questions. This is an excellent way to consolidate the booking process. 

You may also want to consider purchasing travel insurance. In the event that your trip cannot proceed as planned, you will receive some financial recuperation. This will be more extensive coverage than simply a waived cancellation fee by a hotel or airline. 

If you have already booked your honeymoon trip, you can consider simply postponing the trip. Most popular honeymoon destinations such as Europe and tropical islands are currently closed for travel, but this would allow you to still save up and have your dream honeymoon at a later date. However, this will require patience due to the uncertain timeline surrounding COVID-19 and the resumption of leisure travel. 

Due to the unprecedented external environment, tourism businesses and organizations have been accommodating to their customers with existing plans. Some companies may waive their normal fees for cancellations or postponements. The tourism agency will be eager to resume and rebound once it is safe, so it may also offer incentives for future travelers.  

Stay Local

If you have not already booked a trip but want to have your honeymoon soon, there are options. More and more couples are opting for staycation honeymoons within driving distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. This eliminates the need to travel, which increases your safety by reducing your risk of exposure to the virus. 

Many people are deciding to remain in Ireland for the summer and to explore what the country has to offer! Pack your bags and hop into the car and have a perfect honeymoon together. Head down to the Dingle Peninsula or check out what Galway has to offer. Not only will you be doing your bit to keep everyone safe, but you will also be helping our economy!

Local AirBnBs and hotels are excellent honeymoon options. This option allows newlyweds to get out of their house for a weekend without traveling abroad. Hotels even offer certain amenities and activities specifically for honeymoons, such as couple’s spa days and dining packages. However, be sure to check with the hotel beforehand because some of their activities and facilities may be limited due to COVID-19.

Go Outdoors

Outdoor honeymoons are another safe option for those looking to celebrate their recent marriage during COVID-19. Some campgrounds have reopened and are open to limited online bookings. 

Outdoor honeymoons allow for adequate social distancing, as you will not have to be near any other people. The outdoor environment is also healthier than indoors, as the sunlight, warm temperatures, and infinite ventilation decrease your risk of exposure and limit the virus’s spread. 

You may not have to travel very far to find a lovely spot to immerse yourselves in nature. Few things are more romantic than sleeping under the stars, surrounded by the earth’s green beauty.  If you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, this is an excellent way to celebrate your union. If you are not outdoorsy, it is an excellent way to try something new!

Many couples around the world had their wedding and subsequent honeymoon impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and found themselves scrambling to make adjustments on short notice. With this helpful guide, you’re ready to plan a safe honeymoon that will celebrate the beginning of your life’s next journey together. 

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