re - wedding: bicycles + paris

I have been very fascinated by bicycles lately. I am a mountain biker but the bicycles that are tickling my fancy are not the kind that I ride: I am talking the vintage, feminine type here. I dream about one on my wall as a bookshelf; I picture one in my garden with some jasmine growing through it and then that leads me to wondering what my re-wedding with a bicycle theme would look like.

I know, I know… this girl is married but she could get married again to the same man just to have fun all over again. This is what I do:

I go to Etsy, that gorgeous place budding with all things beautiful.

I find Little Brown Pen, marinaasta and TheStampinPlace and my re-wedding starts taking shape. Evan and Nichole from Little Brown Pen are capturing the hidden delights of Paris and I feel as I am being whisked away into a different world.

What they have captured so far perfectly summarises what my bicycle re-wedding would look like:

Some highlights of this re-wedding will include: 

Venue: A sidewalk cafe

Transport: bicycles for all guests and a mini as the honeymoon car

Colours: yellow and beige

Food: all things fresh

Dress: not yet decided but it will definitely contain a frill neckline from Marina Asta in some form

Stationery: personalised stamps from The Stampin Place will be part of the invites, place cards, menus and thank you’s

Do you like this theme? Do you think you can use some of these ideas for your own wedding decor and wedding stationery? What about a frill neckline for your wedding dress? 

{All images by the artists featured in this post.}

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