The Ultimate Shot list For Your Videographer

If you’re thinking about having a videographer on the big day, which we totally think is a must-have, then there will be plenty of special moments you’ll want to be caught on camera. We know every wedding is different and there might be special additions to your day you won’t want to overlook, but this list is the perfect place to start when prepping a shot list for your videographer.

Pre Ceremony

There is so much going on before the ceremony that we don’t even realize until the day! Not to mention you and your soon-to-be will both be getting ready and soaking up the mix of pre-wedding excitement and emotions in separate locations. Before you meet at the altar, be sure to capture the special moments of prep and last minute details before you both head off to say ‘I Do.’

  • Bride/ Groom preparations & getting ready before the ceremony
  • Wedding party Preparations & getting ready before the ceremony
  • Special words or messages from Bride/Groom
  • Special words or messages from parents and family members
  • Shots of venue and ceremony setup before guests arrive
  • Bride/Groom opening gifts or reading letter from the other 
  • Guests arriving at the venue
  • Bridal party arriving at the ceremony venue
  • First look with father of the bride
  • First Look with Couple (if having a first look pre-ceremony)


As the excitement of the ceremony draws near, there will be plenty for your videographer to capture. If there are special guests you’d like captured on the day or during the ceremony, be sure to point them out so no one gets missed. You’ll want as much footage as possible from this part of the day, from the guests arriving to your first kiss.

  • Guests Arriving and taking their seats
  • Ceremony decor, overall setup, and close-ups of the details
  • Wedding Musicians performing
  • Groom and groomsmen entering
  • Shots of groom’s family entering and taking seats
  • Groom waiting at the altar
  • Mother of the bride
  • Bridal party walking in
  • Flower girls and pageboys
  • Father of the bride and bride entering
  • Father of the bride giving the bride away to the groom
  • Vows
  • Exchanging the rings
  • First kiss
  • Introduction as a married couple
  • recessional
  • Bride and Groom leaving the venue


Now that the I do’s are done it’s time to celebrate! There’s going to be a lot going on and a list of important shots you won’t want to let slip by. Make sure your videographer captures everything from the entrance to the evening send off.

  •  Exterior of the reception venue
  • Interior of reception venue
  • Reception Decor
  • Table settings
  • Wedding cake
  • Table Menu
  • Meal
  • Guests during cocktail hour
  • Introduction of the bridal party
  • First dance
  • Blessing
  • Toasts and speeches
  • Cutting the cake
  • Father-daughter dance
  • Mother and groom dancing
  • Guests dancing
  • Bouquet toss
  • Final dance
  • Evening sendoff and goodbyes



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Photo by Anna Utochkina on Unsplash

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