Wedding Woes: What To Do When Wedding Planning Gets Stressful

wedding planning stress

There are definitely two sides to this story so here goes!

1. There are stresses that the bridal party feel during the wedding planning and on the wedding day.
2. There are also stresses that the bride and groom feel from or because of the bridal party.

The stresses that the Bridal Party feel can vary:

• The best man often worries about his speech. Will the bride and groom and the guests enjoy it?
• The bridesmaids worry about the bride. Is she eating properly? Is she sleeping properly? Is she stressed?
• The bridal party often worry about everything working out as planned after months and months of preparations.
• The father of the bride may worry about the cost of the wedding (if he has the pleasure of paying the bill).
• The mother of the bride often worries about the guests at the wedding. Will they enjoy the meal? Will they dance to the band? Will they have a good time?
• What if the bride won’t ask for help? This can often lead to stress for all parties.

The bride and groom suffer from stress for lots of reasons:

• The Best man may be threatening all sorts in his speech!
• The Stag party can be a huge area of stress for the bride! What if the groom comes back with no eyebrows?!
• Financial stress can be huge – the cost of bridesmaids dresses, suits for the men, hair and beauty, gifts for the bridal party.
• What if some members of the bridal party don’t seem interested in the wedding? Maybe a bridesmaid is making things “difficult” when it comes to picking out dresses or just in general.

There is no simple answer to the stresses caused to both sides. However I can offer one important piece of advice: communicate. It is really important that you as the bride or you as the bridesmaid, whoever it is, that you talk about the issues and don’t allow worries, stresses, and problems to build up.

However I can offer one important piece of advice: communicate. 

Bridal parties are generally made up of your nearest and dearest so they should have your best interests at heart. Wedding planning is fun and should be exciting with lots of people involved so make sure it remains like that. Remember:
Brides and Grooms – Delegate to your bridal party.
Bridal Party – Listen to the bride and groom, hear what they have to say, speak to them and try to help them make their day as magical they dreamed of.

Karen Buchanan is a regular blogger for Wedding Dates. She runs a wedding planning business called Weddings With Karen Buchanan. Connect with her on her Facebook page at Weddings With Karen Buchanan or chirp her over on Twitter. Her Twitter handle is @karenbuchanan3.  Talking Birdie note paper on Etsy by Sugar Cookie.

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