Top Tips For Planning A Brunch Wedding

Everyone loves brunch! So why not opt for a casual yet classy daytime wedding to ring in your I do’s?

If a big wedding bash isn’t quite your style then this option, ideal for more intimate celebrations could be the perfect fit. Before you get to planning, take a look at these tips and details to consider for a brunch wedding.

The Timing

There’s something special and different about an early morning wedding day, but keep in mind most guests won’t be too keen on the idea of waking early especially on the weekend. Planning your schedule for the day is key. The ideal time for a brunch wedding reception is between 11 am and 2 pm, but think about walking down the aisle no earlier than 10 am. Ease guests into the day with coffee and tea and some light nibbles. This will surely put a smile on anyone’s face before the morning’s ceremony begins.

Choosing a venue

Brunch weddings are ideal for more intimate gatherings as they tend to be smaller and more casual events. This will allow more flexibility when choosing a venue or location for the I do’s. Gardens, light-filled orangeries and other outdoor areas are often popular choices for mid-morning nuptials. Whatever venue you choose, make a visit during the time you plan on hosting your celebrations before you make your final decision.

Wedding Attire

More elegant attire may look out of place for an early morning affair. So, don’t expect your guests to waltz in in their evening gowns. Although you have the final say on what the appropriate dress code is, the ladies might be more comfortable in a sundress while the men might opt for a smart shirt and slacks. Even the bride and groom may choose a more relaxed ensemble. This all depends on the venue and the overall look you’re going for on the day.

The Drinks

Guests may not drink as much at a daytime reception, so having a full open bar may not be necessary. Definitely think about providing some options such as mimosas, bloody mary’s, or even sangria. You might even take to opportunity to create your own drinks cart with all the mixers and garnishes so guests can create their own personalised cocktails.

The Food

Although you’re probably thinking about all the delicious breakfast options for a tasty spread, choosing your menu for a brunch wedding is no simpler than planning for your traditional evening wedding reception. In order to please all tastes, you might want to consider a buffet style set up so your guests can pick and choose what they’re in the mood for as they fill their plates. The possibilities are almost endless here so feel free to add your own spin to traditional brunch options.

The Wedding Cake

A frosting and fondant covered masterpiece may look nice, but those layers of super sweetness may not translate to daytime taste buds. Think outside the cake box with a waffle cake, doughnut tower, or even a cake made out of pancakes! But, if you’re dead set on a traditional wedding cake, maybe a naked style cake with a light layer of frosting will hit the mark.

The Celebrations

Don’t expect an all-out dance party! Consider having your first dance and then making time for lawn games and mingling accompanied by some soft live music to add to the festive ambience.



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