9 Ways To Avoid The Flu Before Your Wedding

We aren’t taking any chances. It’s official germ lock-down. This is THE worst thing that can happen a bride on her wedding day (besides being dumped at the altar of course). A snotty first kiss and puffy eyes does not exactly scream romantic. Act fast with these strategies to keep sniffle season at bay ahead of your wedding.

Avoid Stress

Planning your wedding will be the most stressful time of your life, so it’s extremely important to take care of yourself when your body is at its most vulnerable. Get plenty of rest, take up a relaxing class such as yoga and learn deep-breathing methods to help cure anxiety. Lets face it, the latter can be applied at pretty much every stage of your wedding. Bonus.

Anti-bacterial Wipes And Hand Sanitizer Are Your New Besties

Clutch your hand sanitizer like your life depends on it. Keeping a packet of wipes handy is also a nifty idea. This way you can wipe down gym equipment, your office keyboard and your smartphone. Warning: you will look a little cray cray and get a few strange stares.

Booze Is The Devil

No a hot toddy isn’t the magic cure – it will actually weaken your defense system! Alcohol will strip your body of essential nutrients and minerals leaving you dehydrated and fighting a hangover – meaning you will be more open to bacteria. Not only will you feel run-down, your sleep pattern will also be disrupted which will more than likely add to your stress levels.

Eat Healthy

Juice, juice, juice. Haul your Nutri Bullet out from the back of your cupboard. As the weather turns and there’s a chill in the air, we will be spending more time indoors which increases the risk of being struck down by the flu. Eating a balanced and varied diet will ensure you are nourishing your body with all the right ingredients – and juicing is a great way to get all these nutrients into your system fast. Bulk up on super foods such as oranges, garlic, ginger, red peppers and kale to feel on top of your game.

Stock Up On Vitamins

Listen to your mammy on this occasion. Berocca will be your lifesaver. A vital hit of Vitamin C will do wonders for boosting your immune system. Speak with your Pharmacist about the best options in the run-up to your special day.

Don’t Share Make Up

Did someone say pink eye? Dear lord, we must not speak of such evils. Don’t be fooled by the fun at your hen party. Be on your guard at all times and do not, we repeat, DO NOT share your mascara and lipstick with anyone. A nasty infection in your eye is not ideal on your wedding day. And that goes for cold sores too – and we are all paranoid about catching one of those uglies.

Avoid Anyone With Even A Hint Of A Cold

We don’t care if it comes across rude. If you even attempt to sneeze near us, we will be giving you a wide berth for at least a week because we are super busy with wedding planning. #SorryNotSorry

Pamper Yourself

It’s just an extra excuse to get a massage really isn’t it? But every bride deserves a bit of TLC ahead of her big day. Getting a massage will help fight off the dreaded illness. Not only does it reduce stress and boost your overall well-being, it also kick-starts lymphatic drainage which helps to relieve sinus pressure. Heat from a sauna is also a must for some soothing relief. The heat will stop the virus from replicating.

Don’t Touch Anything!

Banisters, door handles, public bathrooms and most importantly your face. Just don’t do it. Better still, wear gloves.

Image via: Macleans.

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