Wedding Budget Ideas: Money Savers

Wedding Budget Ideas

Budgeting and saving money can be a little challenging for some couples. Most people can identify, pay day comes around and we live like kings for a few weeks. Then, out of nowhere, the guilt of not saving sets in! Well, WeddingDates are here to help! Here are a few simple wedding budget ideas that could be money savers…


Yes, it does seem like the words “cut back” and “budget” seem to go hand-in-hand these days but, skimping on the frills will make a surprising difference. Just think, even cutting down on your TV bill could save you €300 a year. These days, great options such as Netflix could mean you spend under €100 a year on quality TV viewing.


Simple acts like making your own coffee at work and your own lunch could save you a small fortune. Take an extra few minutes out of your morning to put together a salad or sandwich. It could easily save you €1,000 a year! Another important point to note is food shopping. Instead of doing a huge shop, buy your groceries twice a week to avoid them going off. Or, try freezing food and planning meals for the week.

Date Night

Swap the cinema date night for a Friday night movie in or a Sunday picnic. Even a walk may be the perfect romantic evening for just the two of you! This could also be a more intimate way to catch up and find out how your loved one has been doing during the week.

Compare Prices

Buyer beware is the first thought that should come to mind. Consider it this way; if you were shopping in a supermarket, you would shop around for the best prices and deals. Your wedding should be the exact same! Ask for quotes and take note of what each supplier is offering for their price to make an informed decision. Remember to ask if there are any hidden or additional charges you may not be aware of.

Shop in Season

Flowers are a great example of this! Many florists will tell you that the best flowers to buy are always the ones in season. As well as this, they’re often the flowers that are that bit cheaper too. Rare and exotic flowers may seem like a fun option but will add to your expenses.

Have you got any good spending or saving secrets that apply to wedding budgets? Share them here with your fellow brides…

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