6 Wedding Expenses That Could Blow Your Budget

Congrats on your new engagement! Before you steam ahead and dive into planning your special day, we are here to give you a much needed reality check. Are you the overwhelmed bride who isn’t sure where to begin? Well, a good starting point is the larger wedding expenses that will devour the majority of your budget. With the average couple spending between €20,000 and €25,000 on their wedding, it’s wise to factor these into your costs from the off and leave the smaller details until afterwards. This way, you and your partner won’t be stressing about borrowing large sums of money later on.

Erich McVey

The Dress

It’s all about the dress gals! If you’ve been wistfully daydreaming about it since you were a little one, then it’s a given that it needs to be AH-mazing!! Of course, spending an absolute fortune doesn’t guarantee your gown will be gorj. We’re merely just suggesting that you keep enough budget set aside in the event of a hefty price tag.

Photographer & Videographer

Being a scrooge when it comes to your photography is a big mistake. We recently blogged on How to Choose The Perfect Wedding Photographer with tips and advice from Best Photography Dublin. Letting lower prices sway your influence can lead to huge disasters on your special day from poorly-equipped photographers to last-minute cancellations. One couple mentioned in our blog even took their supplier to court when they failed to receive their album! So folks, allow a significant portion of your budget for photography. After all, pictures last a lifetime. One of the biggest regrets for couples after their nuptials is not hiring a videographer. Many suppliers now team up providing package deals – so don’t forget to ask if this is a possibility!


Okay, so we all know the Irish love a good party. Your entertainment will be a priority if you want to make a lasting impression on your pals. Between bands and DJs, the music portion of your budget could rise anything up to €3,000 – that romantic first dance better be worth it!

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Wedding Venue

The food and reception is the single biggest cost at EVERY wedding. But boy is it worth booking that fairytale property. Your budget in this instance is really at your own discretion – keep in mind factors such as location, attentiveness and friendliness of staff, accommodation options for family and disability access when viewing potential venues. Check out WeddingDates IE and WeddingDates UK to find your dream venue!

Wedding Expenses - The Rings

The Rings

Lucky you if your other half decided to wait and give you the pleasure of choosing your own engagement ring! According to tradition the average price should come to three months wages, but the average couple is now forking out around €2,000 for a sparkler. Don’t feel under any pressure to overspend in this category, a diamond is a very personal treasure. Once you are happy with your choice, it’s all that matters. And then there’s the cost of the wedding rings…


Hawaii and Vegas? Or Cape Town and Mauritius? Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime trip. But to be honest a weekend in Killarney will suffice as long as you’re spending quality time together.

Image Credit: Engagement ring via Wedding Sparrow; Venue via Christina Brosnan – Brosnan Photographic; Dress – Erich Mcvey via Fly Away Bride.

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