Wedding Mood Board: Coloured Engagement Rings

Coloured engagement rings have become increasingly popular over the last number of years. Some women have become tired of seeing the traditional clear diamond ring and want something different! If you can considering a coloured engagement ring, there are plenty of choices with stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Most brides will choose a style with a stone centred around diamonds, like those in the mood board above.

One piece of advice I will give is, if you are the type of person to change your mind frequently, be certain you are happy with your choice. You will wear this for many years to come so be sure you are not going to become sick of the colour! If you are any way unsure, I would go with a clear diamond ring, something that will never go out of fashion! I fell in love with the rose gold ring above, isn’t it stunning?! But would I chose it as my wedding ring to wear every single day? I’m not so sure…

Where you can find the engagement rings featured above (top left clockwise):

Round green engagement ring: OroSpot

Rose gold wedding set: RareEarth

Vintage art deco diamond & emerald engagement ring: ArtifactJewels

Blue sapphire engagement ring: TorkkeliJewellery

Light blue Sapphire engagement ring: SteveleeJewelry

Red ruby engagement ring: samnsue

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