The Traditional Cake? 3 Reasons Not To.

Cupcakes for The Vintage Wedding Fayre

Traditional cakes can be something that you have dreamed of or maybe your mother has been dreaming about all that marzipan but there are a few very sensical reasons why going the traditional route is not always the best idea:

1. The Full Tummy Factor

Your guests will most likely have splurged on drinks and all the good food by the time the cake rolls around. This means they will either not really appreciate it or they will simply not have any at all. That means all your hard work is not appreciated fully. Consider doing something lighter that isn’t as heavy on a full stomach.

2. The Take Away Factor

Marzipan falls off. Really it does. It is hard to carry in a napkin and the second best option: the coat jacket is even harder. Make it easy for your guests to take their dessert home. Your wedding will be more memorable for it.

3. The Appeal Factor

If you honestly think about it, packaged individual cakes or cupcakes simply look better because they retain their beauty as a whole, individual item. Loose slices of cake might look delish on a plate just before the fork enters the mouth, but not so much the next morning when the brown cake sides peak up from the marzipan that is cracking off the top.

Go on… make your favourite cake and eat it too!

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