Introducing Celtic Traditions into Your Wedding Celebrations

Hey there, lovebirds! So, you’re planning the big day? Well, get ready to add some Celtic charm to your wedding. Yup, as the world turns green this week, we’re talking about Introducing Celtic Traditions into your wedding celebrations!

Whether you’re Irish or just love the vibes, these traditions are all about adding that extra dash of magic to your special day. So grab a pint of Guinness (or a cup of tea, no judgement here!) and let’s explore how you can bring a little Celtic spirit to your wedding festivities.

Celtic Wedding Traditions for your Ceremony and your Celebrations

Ring Warming

Before the exchange of rings, you and your partner can have their wedding rings passed among the guests for a ring warming ceremony. Each guest holding the ring will be imbuing it with their blessings and well-wishes for both of you.

Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh is a traditional Irish symbol representing love, loyalty and friendship. The design features two hands holding a heart with a crown on top. It’s commonly used as an engagement or wedding ring.

Celtic Vows or Blessings

You may choose to incorporate traditional Celtic vows or prayers into your ceremony, or write your own inspired by Celtic writings.. These vows traditionally  emphasise concepts such as love, loyalty, friendship and the interconnectedness of life. There are lots of suggestions available online, so seek out concepts that resonate with  both of you, and work from there.  If you’re feeling really brave you could speak some or all “as Gaeilge”, in Irish. 

Celtic Cross Ceremony

The Celtic Cross is a symbol of faith and unity. It is a variation of the Christian cross with a circle in the middle, representing the sun or eternity.   It can be displayed or used in the ritual to bless the union between you and your partner, bringing a traditional element to the ceremony. 

Oathing Stones

Couples may choose to perform a ritual using oathing stones. Each partner holds a stone and makes promises or vows, then exchanges the stones as a tangible representation of their commitment to one another.

Irish Elegance: Introducing Celtic Traditions into Your Wedding Celebrations


Handfasting is a symbolic gesture where yours and your partner’s hands are bound together with ribbons or cords representing your commitment towards each other. This tradition is the origin of the phrase “tying the knot.” It symbolises unity, connection and the binding of two lives. Usually, members of the wedding party or parents of the couple will be involved in the fasting of the hands, so it’s a very special ritual

Ceremonial Fire

Fire has huge significance in Celtic traditions and rituals. Having a ceremonial fire, symbolises purification and the warmth of your love. It can be used for rituals or as part of the wedding festivities.

Celtic Music and Dance

Traditional music or dance can be an integral part of a Celtic wedding celebration. Incorporating live music, such as a harpist at the ceremony or welcome reception or bagpiper to announce the arrival of the newlyweds will elevate your celebration hugely.  Irish (or Scottish) dancing will add cultural richness and lots of fun to your event.

Celtic Wedding Motifs for your Wedding Outfits and Decor

Celtic-themed Attire

Choose strong Celtic elements for your wedding attire such as kilts, or Celtic-inspired accessories and accents such as tartan for your outfits or table decor. You can work Celtic motifs and patterns into your textiles. 

Celtic Love Knots 

Celtic love knots, also known as Celtic knots or mystic knots, are intricate and ornamental designs that have been associated with Celtic art and culture. They are often associated with Celtic manuscripts such as the Book of Kells, which dates back to the 9th century. Celtic knots are characterised by their endless loops and interwoven patterns, symbolising eternity. While they were initially used for decorative purposes they later became associated with Celtic symbolism, including love and spirituality.

Shamrocks and Harps

The shamrock is an official symbol of Ireland and is often associated with good luck. It could be used as part of the groom’s buttonhole or corsage, but must be absolutely fresh on the day as it is so delicate. The Harp is the national emblem of Ireland, and it’s unique in that Ireland is the only country in the world to have a musical instrument as its national symbol.

Celtic Spirals

Celtic spirals represent continuous movement and growth and they can be incorporated into various aspects of your wedding. You could have spiral patterns on the cake, or perhaps you can wear celtic jewellery.  It works well on materials such as  your wedding dress or table linen. 

Ogham Script

Ogham is an ancient Irish script where each letter is represented by a series of lines or notches. You could incorporate your initials or a special message in Ogham on wedding rings, invitations or other wedding items.

Celtic Animals 

Animals like the stag, representing strength and regrowth, or the swan, symbolising enduring love and transformation, can be incorporated into your wedding decor. Other native animals could be considered such as the hare, the fox or the Irish Wolfhound. If you happen to have one of these amazing dogs in your family, give them a role at the ceremony, but only if you’re comfortable sharing the limelight with them!


So, that’s our take on bringing more Irish and Celtic symbolism into your wedding day. When using these symbols, make sure to reflect your unique relationship and preferences, whether it’s in the design of your wedding invitations, the decor at the ceremony and reception, or the rings you exchange.  These traditions and symbolism will add a special and culturally rich touch to your wedding celebration.


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